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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Matt
AGE: 27
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] atrypical
CONTACT: AIM: demony0uko, [plurk.com profile] atrypical, or PM

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Casper LeBlanc Jr.
CANON: Scion/Old World of Darkness (Fandom OC)
POINT IN CANON: On the road to Jupiter City.
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Casper is a demigod - that doesn't mean he can't die, but that does mean that he's very strong and has a lot of weird abilities. A few of these abilities need permissions, so that's what this post is for!

The first one is... well, basically it's lie detection - though it doesn't work through text. It's called Takes One To Know One. Here's the explanation from his app:

He's so attuned to things that if someone tells a lie, he automatically knows that they're lying. (It's not specifically what they said that's a lie, just that they're lying about something. If someone says 'I visited my aunt last Tuesday', it could be that they visited their uncle last Tuesday, or that they visited their aunt on Wednesday, or that someone else visited their aunt but it wasn't them.)

The second one is, essentially, the ability to temporarily override free will - called Overt Order. Again, from the app:

He can simply order someone to follow a very brief command and they will. (This will, of course, be part of his permissions post, and the commands can be interpreted loosely - 'shoot yourself' could end up with the person shooting their hand or foot rather than interpret it as a suicidal command. It can likely be resisted with sufficient willpower, but it's written as something that can overpower a 'regular mortal'.)

And the third is a bit less terrifying, but also important to get permissions for. It's called Unlidded Eye, and it's magic detection. From the app:

He can see magic that would normally be invisible. He can also determine how powerful a being is.

As a note - the second and third things cost him something to use, so he'll be using them very sparingly. The second one in particular he really hates using, so he won't be using it very much.

Character: You know what to do here.
Can Casper use Takes One To Know One on this character?: Yes/No
If no, why?: Saying no is totally okay! If you can't think of why other than 'I'm not comfortable with this', we can come up with a reason together.
Can Casper use Overt Order on this character?: Yes/No
If no, why?: As a note - this doesn't work so well on anything that's not a regular human!
Can Casper use Unlidded Eye on this character?: Yes/No
If yes, what would he detect?: This is only how strong your character is in terms of supernatural ability. 1 would be a normal human, 2 would be 'normal but weird' (like 'they can see ghosts'). I don't need a number from you, just a general range of 'normal', 'normal but weird', 'pretty strong', 'very strong', etc.
Anything else you want to add?: Aside from memes, you dirty memers.

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OOC Information

Player name: Matt

Player age and gender: 27, he/they

Any other characters in game? Tobias, Makoto [dropped]

IC Information

Character name: Casper LeBlanc, Jr.

Character canon: Scion/WoD

Canon point: Heading towards Jupiter City.

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Player Name: Matt
Contact: demony0uko @ aim
Character Name: Casper LeBlanc
Canon: Scion

Casper was born 18 years ago and left with his father in Canada. His mother was the Norse goddess Hel, and his father was a mage. Weird things kept happening to him all his life - he poked around the corpses in his father's funeral home that didn't look right, he had a ghost follow him around, and he rescued a baby bird that kept following him around.

When he transferred to a high school in Colorado, he made a friend named Aiden. ... And then things blew up, and he discovered that she was weird (a daughter of Hades) and so was one of her friends. Now he and a group of other Scions are on a journey towards Jupiter City in Quebec, and the world is falling apart around them. He and Aiden have become demigods along the way, but they still have a long way to go before they can become as powerful as their parents.

(Character sheet is here, Knacks and Purviews are here.)


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